Topovision Technology Co.,Ltd.

TopoVision Technology Co., Ltd. have focused on the design and manufacturing of small-medium size display products for more than 10years. We provides the cost effective high quality display devices ranging from TFT, monochrome LCD, and OLED displays to all the other subsidiary components related to displays.

Receiving our best solution for your application, you can know we have been working on the applications of different industrial areas, such as industrial products, medical products, home appliances, automotive appliances, and telecommunications etc. We develop custom designs and customize LCD modules with COB, COG, TAB, SMT structure and technology as customer’s request which makes our LCD modules match with customer’s products perfectly.

Topovision Display have two office locations in China, Shenzhen city and HK. Marketing is done in Shenzhen through a comprehensive network and Hong Kong branch offer the financial and logistics service.

Our staff in Topovision are energetic, creative and customer-oriented. We always keep pace with the state-of-the-art technology to ensure the high quality of products and services delivering to our customers.

Now, Topovision pride ourselves on many well-known customers support and development assistance. Our vision is to continue to make our customers happy and build up win-win cooperation with our partners.


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