We are more than 1,200 varieties of products, the main products include: spare parts box, turnover box, turnover baskets, floor boards, finishing boxes, lockers, folding boxes, insulation boxes, plastic box, trays, steel work chairs, steel Plastic chairs and other fast food. And specially developed anti-static, suitable for high-tech electronic industry products, semi-finished product packaging or transit use, to achieve a permanent anti-static properties, anti-static index of up to 104-166Ω. Product strictly in accordance with national standards and enterprise standards for production, deeply welcomed by customers and trust and reputation with honors.
Our factory has a plastic type of high intermediate technical Commissioner, more than 100 senior skilled workers, managers and production workers more than 100 people, relying on operational experience accumulated over the years, mature technology, technology, advanced management mode and sound quality control system, so that our business is developing rapidly, becoming the fastest growing peer companies.
We have more than one clamping force from 100-2200 tons of injection molding machines ranging from an annual productivity of 10,000 tons plastic products, including 8 sets of large equipment with international advanced level for its customers to manufacture, processing high-quality products.
In order to further expand their business, and striving for famous, we plant adhere to the "quality as the key link, reputation first" as its purpose, welcome customers to map, sample, processing, or work together to develop new products, we look forward to be your faithful partners.
"Quality products, excellent service, competitive prices, good reputation" is our business policy! We are adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to "customer first" principle to provide our clients high-quality service. Welcome patrons! The products are widely applied to hotel, hotel, aviation, railway, bath, gift, supermarket and so on, our product features: one, would like customers want, according to customer requirements, production samples and customer satisfaction. 2, worry about customer needs, and we have a high-quality, consciousness ahead, skilled sewing team, can be produced in a short time the customer orders. Third, reasonable prices, reliable quality, steady development of customers, many repeat customers. 4, the product is novel, attention to the market with different specifications and production processes to meet the market. MBA Business Administration for the use of factory pre-sale, after sale a set of skilled operational procedures are never under any conditions to protect the interests of customers do not suffer.
We are factory direct, welcome customers to come to the wholesale and retail!



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